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Art Deco Hotels and Hotel Lobbies

These are some of the most glamorous Art Deco hotels I have ever seen!  They're so lavish and luxurious...and sooo sexy.  Wouldn't you just love to sip a cocktail in any one of these spectacular Art Deco hotel lobbies and watch the world go by?  *Le sigh*


The Palmer House Hilton Hotel, Chicago

The original Palmer House Hotel, Chicago - Photo source:

The Palmer House Hotel is considered to be one of Chicago's most luxurious hotels and it has an incredibly colourful and romantic past.  It was first built in 1871 by real estate developer, Potter Palmer who presented it as wedding gift to the the love of his life, American businesswoman and socialite, Bertha Honoré.  Unfortunately, only a few days after its grand opening, it was destroyed by the Great Chicago Fire.

Palmer was determined to rebuild the hotel back to it's original glory and two years later, his spectacular wedding present was re-opened once again.  This time, the hotel was built with brick and iron, and praised itself as being "The World's Only Fire Proof Hotel."

The hotel was favoured by celebrities and the upper class for it's luxurious interior and upscale service.  By the 1920's it had to enlarged to accommodate the growing clientele list.  At this point, the interior design and decor of the Hotel was heavily influenced by the Art Deco movement.  Aesthetically became more streamlined, sleek and geometric.

Having undergone a $170 million renovation in 2008, the Palmer House remains one of the world's most luxurious and glamorous Art Deco hotels.  It's current decor is a well balanced mix of contemporary Art Deco chic and historical elegance.

The Palmer House today...

Palmer House Hotel, Chicago

Palmer House Hotel, Chicago

Portland Hotel deLuxe

Walking into is The Hotel deLuxe in Portland is like walking into another time, a more glamorous era.  Its Hollywood Film Noir themed interior contains strong elements of Art Deco interior design, such as mirrored surfaces, a monochromatic colour scheme, glossy surfaces, Lucite lamps and lots of geometric/angular patterning.  It opened in 2006 and it is a beautiful homage to classic Art Deco Style.

Portland Hotel deLuxe - Art Deco

Portland Hotel deLuxe - Art Deco

W Minneapolis - The Foshay

Before it became the W Minneapolis, The Foshay Tower was known as the "first skyscraper west of Mississippi".  Modeled after the Washington Monument, it was built by real estate developer Wilbur Foshay in 1929.  It hosted a 3-day grand opening celebration and was quickly embraced by the community, who proudly heralded it as an Art Deco architectural masterpiece.

It was purchased by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide in 2006, and after a $90 million renovation, The Foshay Tower was re-opened as the W Minneapolis-The Foshay.  Many of the building's original Art Deco design elements have all been beautifully restored and preserved.  The Foshay has remained the sexiest Art Deco hotel, in what many have referred to as, a decidedly non-sexy city.

W Minneapolis-The Foshay

W Minneapolis-The Foshay - Art Deco Lobby

The Atlanta Hotel, Bangkok

The Atlanta Hotel in Bangkok, boasts having the oldest unaltered lobby in Thailand.  The exotically glam foyer is also the most frequently photographed in Thailand and has been used as a film set many times over.

It's interior is reminiscent of 1920's and 1930's Art Deco theatre architecture and set designs.  The hotel is renown in Thailand for its refined elegance and high standards of personal conduct.  It's run like a private club, abhorring vulgar and offensive behaviour.  It has a strict policy against sex tourists - clearly stated on the hotel's marketing literature.

The Atlanta Hotel, Bangkok

The Atlanta Hotel, Bangkok

The Atlanta Hotel, Bangkok

The Waldorf-Astoria, Park Avenue, NY

The Waldorf-Astoria, New York

The legendary Waldorf Astoria is the mega-grand amalgamation of two legendary New York Hotels - The Waldorf (built in 1893) and The Astoria (built in 1897).  It was first located on Fifth Avenue and relocated to its current location on Park Avenue in 1931.  

The Park Avenue location is considered to be an Art Deco landmark and museum of Art Deco artarchitecture and interior design.  The multiple lobbies are spectacular examples of opulent luxury and modern design.  From the sparkling French crystal chandeliers to the geometric mosaic murals to the gleaming marble floors, every minute detail is the epitome of true Art Deco style.

The Waldorf-Astoria Art Deco Entrance

The Waldorf-Astoria Art Deco Lobby

The Waldorf-Astoria Art Deco Silver Corridor


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