Art Deco Jewelry

Art Deco Jewelry Trends

Top Art Deco Jewelry Trends

1. Hair Ornamentation

One of the major Art Deco jewelry trends that emerged was hair ornamentation.  As women cut their hair shorter, they were no longer able to create elaborate styles using their own hair.  So they accessorized with jeweled hair clips and combs, diadems, tiaras and a variety of intricate headpieces.

2.  Long, dangly earrings

Also, as hairstyles became shorter, earrings became longer. It was very common to see earrings reaching down to the shoulder.

3. Jeweled carrying cases

Another jewelry trend that surfaced during this time was the mini carrying case.

"The new acceptability of make-up and smoking led to the development of luxurious cosmetics cases and cigarette holders.  Made of carved hard stones or enameled and gem-set gold, these accessories became an important aspect of Art Deco fashion." (Phillips, 2003) 

Images of Art Deco Vanity Cases and Lipstick Holders from

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