Art Deco Bathrooms

1929 Art Deco Vitrolite Bathroom - Image source: Rikki Nyman


Ideas and Designs for Art Deco Bathrooms

The bathroom was considered to be a very important room of the house. It was often very large and contained more than just the basic bathroom fixtures.

You might see a glamorous dressing/make-up table with a huge mirrored wall as the backdrop. Or you might find a sumptuous chaise lounge with an exotic zebra-print rug underneath.

The bathroom was the domain of the silver-screen goddess and domestic goddess alike.  This was where a woman could get away from it all, pamper herself and feel her most glamorous.

Beauty and decoration were highly respected during the days of Deco and the bathroom had to contain these elements as well.

Glamorous French Art Deco Bathroom - This bathroom was built for the Queen of England when she stayed (just a few days) in Paris in 1938.  Incredible piece of interior Art Deco design.  Image source: e y e / s e e

Characteristics of Art Deco Bathrooms

Glossy Surfaces

A classic Deco bathroom would be composed of several very sleek and glossy surfaces:

  • Top-quality marble was the primary choice for floors.  
  • Brightly coloured vitrolite was used to tile the walls.
  • Bathtubs were encased in sparkly, iridescent glass tiles or even mirror.
  • Vanities and storage cabinets were often mirrored as well.  
  • 'Skyscraper' sconces framed mirrors on either side.
  • Sparkling glass and crystal chandeliers completed the ultra-ritzy look.  
  • Shiny, stainless steel or chrome faucets were common.

Art Deco Taps - Image source: Dave Patten

Geometric Designs

  • Floor tiles were patterned with typical Art Deco geometric shapes like zig-zags, chevrons, sunbursts and hexagons.
  • Taps were typically angular as well, often with a whimsical shape.  
  • Faucets were tall, vertical and sharply angled.  
  • Sink pedestals were very angular and typically designed in a 'v-shape' or a staggerd/tiered look.  
  • Sink basins were in the shape of large squares or rectangles.
  • Mirrors were embellished with mosaic tiles laid out in geometric patterns.
  • Area rugs or bath mats had angular designs woven throughout.

Vintage 1920's Art Deco "Standard Plumbing Fixtures" Advertisement - Image courtesy:

Bold Colours

  • Art Deco sinks, toilets and bathtubs were usually brightly coloured: salmon, green, yellow and even black were popular colour choices.
  • Tiles and accessories were brightly coloured as well to complement the plumbing fixtures.
  • Another typical Art Deco colour scheme was black and white.

Art Deco Fun Fact

Nashville`s Hermitage Hotel Men's Room has been preserved in all its 1920s Art Deco black and green glory (see below). The plaque hanging outside the washroom reads: 

By popular request, men and women alike in the Nashville area have asked that we preserve this Men’s Room and restore it back to its original Art Deco luster. Remodeled and reconfigured in the 1930s, this room has been the site of several music videos and numerous legislative deals. The color scheme has encouraged as many woman as men to steal a look inside.
— The Hermitage Hotel - Nashville, TN

Nashville Hermitage Hotel Art Deco Men’s Room

Nashville Hermitage Hotel Art Deco Bathroom

Modern Art Deco Bathrooms

For some more interior design are some gorgeous, contemporary Art Deco influenced bathrooms....

Glamorous Art Deco Inspired Bathroom

Stunning Art Deco Inspired Bathroom

Contemporary Black and White Art Deco Bathroom

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