Art Deco Lobby

Walking through a stylish, glamorous, grand Art Deco Lobby is a feast for the eyes.

The gleaming floors, sparkling chandeliers, cool metal finishes and overall decadence give you a feeling as if you've just stepped onto a 1920's film noir movie set.

Check out these ultra glam Art Deco lobbies...


Art Deco Lobby of The Chrysler Building

Art Deco Lobby - The Chrysler Building, NY -  Photographer: cogito ergo imago  

The lobby of the Chrysler Building is a glittering, glamorous example of Art Deco style.  The Siena marble floors are a sunny canary yellow with amber onyx and blue marble trim.

The Moroccan marble walls are a warm, amber color.  The wall sconces are geometric and angular in shape and made of chrome.  The dramatic chandeliers are also a classic Art Deco design.  All of the marble in the lobby reflects the lighting so it almost looks like the walls are liquid.  Super slick.

The elevator doors are a stunning work of art - marquetry craft at its finest.

The Chrysler Building - Art Deco Lobby Elevator

And to top it all off, there's a huge, dramatic mural on the ceiling depicting tradesmen and transportation - painters, cleaners, window washers, planes, trains, ocean liners, etc.

The mural was designed by Edward Turnbull and is titled "Energy, Result, Workmanship and Transportation." Quite fitting for Art Deco - the style that was born during the Machine Age.

The Chrysler Building - Art Deco Ceiling Mural.  Photographer: Pete Shep

The Chrysler Building - Detail of the ceiling mural.  Image courtesy:

Art Deco Lobby of The Southern California Edison Company

Today it is known as One Bunker Hill, but this building originally housed the Southern California Edison Company - a utility company.  It's a stunning example of Art Deco style (and a personal favourite!).

One Bunker Hill Art Deco Lobby - Image courtesy:

"Opened in 1931, One Bunker Hill was one of world's first all-electric buildings and first in the Western United States.  Its lighting, air handling machinery, mail tubes, clocks, elevators and all equipment were designed to operate electrically."

The huge Art Deco lobby has 30 foot high ceilings and is composed of 25 different types of marble.  The floor elaborately portrays a "square-within-a-diamond-within-a-square" pattern.  The ceiling displays "an-octagon-within-an-octagon" pattern.  Both of these angular, geometric patterns are traditionally associated with Art Deco style.

One Bunker Hill Art Deco Lobby Chandelier - Image courtesy:

"The 9 x 18 foot interior mural, the "Apotheosis of Power," was painted in 1930 by Hugo Ballin. The painting was meant to represent the Edison Company as "the source from which water and power flow."

Hugo Ballin's Art Deco Mural, "Apotheosis of Power" - One Bunker Hill.  

Image courtesy:


Art Deco Lobby of the Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall Art Deco Lobby - Photographer: Sandmania

The story behind the RCMH's Art Deco interior is pretty interesting...

Donald Deskey - Cellophane Package Design Ad

Samuel "Roxy" Rothafel (if that's not a classic 1920's showbiz name I don't know what is!) - the Music Hall's producer - wanted the decor to be Rococo, the opulent style typical of large motion-picture theaters of the time.

Independent industrial designer, Donald Deskey, decided to compete for the work. He invested $5,000 in a spectacular presentation of the new Art Deco style that utilized glass, aluminum, chrome and geometric ornamentation, promising a modern theatre, unlike any other in New York.

Deskey won the competition and was awarded the mammoth project of designing every public area in the Music Hall, including thirty lobby areas, smoking rooms, retiring rooms, foyers and lounges.  He created a theatre that was unique in 1932 and remains unique - and spectacular-today!

Radio City Music Hall - Art Deco Grand Foyer.  Image courtesy:

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