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I have a total fascination with glamour, beauty and luxury.  I'm also an art lover.  So when I discovered Art Deco as a teenager, I fell in love.  The style represented so much of what I had imagined as being luxurious and glamorous and I couldn't get enough.  I became obsessed and devoured anything Art Deco related.  

Over the years my fascination grew stronger and I looked for a way to express my love for the Art Deco style.  This website is the manifestation of my obsession.  It's where I get to indulge my Art Deco fetish.  

You can read more about the evolution of this site on my post, Art Deco Style Redesign.

I am neither an art historian nor a purist, but a lover and enthusiast of the Art Deco style.  The aesthetic is so beautiful to my eye - sleek, glossy surfaces, luxe metallics, modern/streamlined design and the connotation of glamour and luxury is what I love most about the Art Deco.  Hope you enjoy reading about it, as much as I do writing about it.



Note:  I have identified original image sources wherever possible, however, if I have missed a site or photographer, please let me know.  I will happily give credit where credit is due.


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