Art Deco Office

Art Deco Office

Art Deco Office at the Union Terminal/Carew Tower in Cincinnati - Image source:

Characteristics of Art Deco Office Furniture

An Art Deco office is easy to put together.  Whether you are working in a corporate environment or working at home in your jammies, you might like to surround yourself with some classic Art Deco furniture and accessories.




Art Deco Desks

Art Deco desks were typically made of exotic woods like mahogany, ebony or satinwood.  For the cost-conscious consumer, a desk of oak, ash or redwood would also be an option.  

A gorgeous Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann desk can be found on auction sites, antique furniture stores or even on eBay.

Rounded corners, high-gloss finishes and metal handles are typical of Art Deco style.  Another option would be to go with a more glam, mirrored desk.

Art Deco Desk by Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann

French Art Deco Desk in the Manner of André Groult - Image courtesy:

Rare Art Deco Desk with Ebony Top and Antique Mirrored Cabinet - Image Courtesy:

Art Deco Bookcases & Cabinets

Marquetry was a very popular wood art technique used in Art Deco bookcases, as well as desks.  Think about incorporating a bookcase with an intricate, geometric design in the wood.  All the better if it has a high-gloss lacquer finish.  A vintage bookcase or secretary in ebonized mahogany or a rich, exotic wood like Macassar Ebony or Aboyna, would be stunning in a dramatic luxe Art Deco office...

Skyscraper shaped bookcases were another common theme during the Deco period.  Steel, chrome and other metals were popular materials used in shelving units as well. 

Swedish Art Deco Marquetry 2-part Cabinet by Otto Schulz for Boet - Image courtesy:

Art Deco Office Chairs

Choose a leather Art Deco office chair in a classic colour like black or white, or go for full-on-deco-drama with a bold colour like brilliant red or tangerine.  Make sure to choose a classic Art Deco colour to create an authentic look.  Office guest chairs in a spectacular geometric design would be absolutely divine!

Pair of Tangerine Leather and Wood Chairs by Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann - Image courtesy:

Stunning Pair of Unusual Art Deco Burr Walnut Geometric Pyramid Armchairs - Image courtesy:

Art Deco Accent Furniture

To complete the look, add some gorgeous Deco accent furniture.  A bar cart stocked with post-prohibition (or bootlegged) whiskey, a luxury high-gloss chess/games table or a stunning globe are some great options.

Art Deco Rug

To add comfort to your office, lay down an Art Deco rug with an angular geometric pattern.  Classic art deco patterns are zig-zags, chevrons, sweeping curves and sunbursts.

Art Deco Office with Geometric Rug

Art Deco Office Rug

Art Deco Office Lighting

And finally, finish off the look with some classic Art Deco lighting.  A skyscraper desk lamp or dramatic hanging chrome light fixture would be fabulous.

Art Deco Skyscraper Desk Lamp

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