Art Deco Cigarette Cases

Art Deco Lighter

Art Deco Lighter

Art Deco cigarette cases and lighters were hot fashion accessories during the days of Deco.

Languidly drawing out one of these sexy little babies from your purse was the epitome of cool glamour.

14K Gold Art Deco Cigarette Case - Image courtesy:

A bit of history...The Flappers of the 1920's created a frenzy when they started smoking in public.  These brash, brazen women were defying convention and shaping fashion and culture in the process.  The cigarette case was to the 1920's silver screen goddess what the water bottle is to today's Hollywood starlet - the ultimate fashion accessory.

Art Deco Cigarette Case and Lighter

It's no wonder that manufacturers began to 'glamify' traditionally masculine objects like cigarette holders and lighters.

When previously these cases were basic silver or enamel, with no embellishment whatsoever, now fashion houses like Cartier and Bulgari were producing Deco cigarette cases and compacts made out of gold and encrusted with rubies, diamonds and other precious gemstones to appeal to their new female customers.

The Art Deco cigarette holder is a much in-demand collectible today. This Art Deco gold, ruby and diamond Cigarette Case is estimated at over $4000! 

Art Deco Gold, Ruby and Diamond Cigarette Case - Image courtesy:

Looking at these gorgeous, sparkly little cases almost makes me want to take up smoking. (Almost.)

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