Arthur Radebaugh

Illustrator Arthur Radebaugh

Arthur Radebaugh at his easel

Illustrator, Arthur Radebaugh's (1906-1974), ultra futuristic depictions of vehicles in the 1930's are well respected in the genre, however, there is actually very little known about the artist himself.

His vision of the future was heavily influenced by the Art Deco movement - observe his use of vivid colours, geometric patterns, sweeping curves and streamlined design - it's classic Art Deco Style.

He described his works as "halfway between science fiction and designs for modern living."  He could easily be considered a 'concept car' designer by today's automobile design standards.

I love his sense of aesthetic - his depictions are incredibly moody, a bit dark and apocalyptic, but juxtaposed with a more promising, hopeful sense of the future.  And I especially love the sleek, sexy lines, so indicative of the Art Deco style.

Arthur Radebaugh futuristic illustrations
Arthur Radebaugh futuristic illustrations
Arthur Radebaugh futuristic illustrations

All images copyright 2003, Lost Highways Archive & Research Library, used with permission. From the exhibition RADEBAUGH: THE FUTURE WE WERE PROMISED.

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