Art Deco Font

Art Deco Font is considered the most stylish and most recognizable typography of the 20th Century.

The classic Art Deco aesthetic - streamlined, geometric design - heavily influenced lettering and calligraphy.  Straight lines and sharp angles were preferred over the cursive, scroll typography of the preceding design style, Art Nouveau.

This was the Machine Age and typography began to take on an industrial, futuristic - almost robotic - appearance.  The final effect was a streamlined, elegant looking font.

Also, as Egyptomania spread throughout the world, all things Egyptian came into vogue.  This trend also influenced typography.  Art Deco lettering is therefore incredibly reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Examples of Art Deco Typography:

1. Futura, 1927 - Created by Paul Renner

Futura Font by Paul Renner.  Image source: Ellen Medeiros

2.  Bifur, 1928 - Created by AM Cassandre

3.  Acier, 1930-1934 - Created by AM Cassandre

4.  Peignot, 1937 - Created by AM Cassandre

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